The Porsche 928 - Colors

The following is a color chart for the Porsche 928 vehicles manufactured in 1994.
Standard '94 Colours: Standard Water Based
Grand Prix White: 908 93R
Black: 747 741
Guards Red: 80K 84A
Riviera Blue: 39E 3AG
Amaranth Violet: 39D 3AH
Speed Yellow: 12G 12H
Optional '94 Colours:    
Polar Silver - Metallic: 93E 92M
Midnight Blue - Metallic: 37W 39C
Black - Metallic: 746 744
Slate Grey - Metallic: 22D 23F
Iris Blue - Metallic: 39N 39V
Adventurine Green - Metallic: 39R 39S